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In July I met up with Andy Frost, the man behind the Instagram account @sleightlyobsessed. Andy has developed a big name for himself, amassing a following of over 6000 people on his social media. The reason for this is clear – the guy performs highly sophisticated sleight of hand with a smoothness and proficiency that very few can match. His capacity to perform highly challenging visual sleights deceptively is really remarkable.

We sat down in Glorious coffee shop in the city of Exeter, and discussed inspiration, construction, practice, creativity and a host of other topics relating to close up magic, sleight of hand and performance. Our conversation touched on some really interesting areas, and it is presented here in full. We hope you enjoy it.

Once we were finished, Andy went on to explain in detail his touches on Erdnase’s diagonal palm shift, the Royal Road classic “Lost and Found”, Marlo’s up-jog add on, Equivoque, the half pass and palming. His notes really are invaluable to anyone wishing to perfect these elusive techniques. This footage is available in the Membership area of maverickconjuing.com, soon to be followed by much more content.